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Custom Framing

Dogwood Gallery & Framer offers custom framing. Our design center offers a wide selection of moldings and mat board to choose from. Whether building frames for 3-dimensional objects or original works on paper or canvas, we practice conservation framing to ensure the artwork remains in its original state. Conservation framing uses specific techniques and materials of the highest quality designed to protect the artwork. General components of conservation framing consist of the frame, the glazing, the mat or spacer, the backing and hinging materials. Items deteriorate over time due to exposure to the environment. Conservation framing is designed to minimize damage and to avoid contributory deterioration by the materials that surround the artwork.

We offer a customer friendly and unique approach to design that results in a timeless and one of a kind framed piece.

We look forward to working with you!

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“Art should make you think and feel. It doesn't have to match your couch.” 

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