Troy Crisswell

Troy Crisswell was born in Birmingham Alabama. His interest in drawing became apparent in his early teens as he and his good friend spent summer hours cartooning cynical and exaggerated figures. He began taking art classes in high school and college. Later he would attend a “life drawing” group. He drew there weekly over the next twenty two-years.

“I’m a figure drawing fan, so a lot of figures show up in my pictures - family members and people I know most often”.

In 1987 he began exhibiting his pen and ink drawings and watercolor paintings.

“With watercolors I’m thinking tight drawing, loose painting...”

In 1991 Troy became a full time, self-employed artists. His painting continued to develop steadily and around 1997 he started to explore painting with oils. By the next year he was selling oil paintings along with watercolors.

“Oil paintings are done on Masonite board or canvas, I normally use a transparent glazing technique.”

Troy creates a sort of mood in his paintings by using realistic and surrealistic elements. He has won many awards in the shows around the Southeast in which he participates.

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