Jane Whitehurst

Artist Statement

"When you have a need to create, opportunities present themselves in many mediums. After much exploration, I have landed on painting. It allows me to touch my basic self."

"I find that I am sensitive to sound. When I paint and select music that moves me to my basic self. I yield to the melody. My hand responds as if dancing across the drawing surface. When I step back, I see areas that should be enhanced or taken away."

"A common response to my “Acoustic Line Series” is that these pieces look like cave paintings or primitive African art. I am pleased by the comparison. I feel that I have succeeded in removing years of high tech stimulation to get to my core. I believe the core of the human spirit is constant, from cave painter to acoustic painter."

"Abstract painting appeals to me because I can express myself through line, color, scale and texture. The viewer, young or old can read the work through their emotional reaction to these elements."

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