Shi Gaunyu

Artist Statement

"I have always loved painting since I was little. More chances to draw and paint came along when I was working at Wuhan Shipyard in 1956, I often drew illustrations for the factory newsletter, the union and the propaganda/media department. I also had opportunities to meet with some of the artists who came to the shipyard to gather material for inspirations. The famous Mr. Guan Shanyue was among them.

In 1959, I was admitted to the preparatory course for the blue-collars and farmers in the Guangzhou Academy for Fine Arts and as an outstanding student continued to study at the woodcut department. After graduating, I created some fairly good woodcut pieces while working at the culture center of Zengcheng County. In the mid 80's, I started working as an artistic/art editor at Guangdong Pictorial and as an executive editor later on. This collection of watercolor, sketch and Chinese Traditional paintings were born during the little spare time I had. I hope it brings you enjoyment."

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