Artist Statement

I am a watercolorist who has realized my childhood dream of becoming a professional artist. As a country girl, my appreciation of all things great and small is reflected in my art. In my studio near Atlanta, I create vibrant, dramatic still lifes expressing my love of details and reflective light. My subjects are common objects that surround me daily. Even a trip to the farmers market for fruits and vegetables inspires me to paint.                        

With my art, I endeavor to evoke happy memories of magical moments in times past and create an ode to the beauty in everyday objects. My desire is to arouse a feeling of intimacy in the viewer and draw him or her into the complexities of the painting to see and experience a new perspective or thought about the subject.

My medium of choice is watercolor. I delight in the way it flows, its luminosity, translucence and surprises, and the way it allows me to capture the distinctive qualities of light. Watercolor is the perfect medium for creating the dazzling still lifes for which I am known.

My art is characterized by rich visual intricacies and meticulous details. Even though my watercolors are representational in style, I strive to capture the interplay between realistic images and their naturally occurring abstractions and to integrate them harmoniously.  Each awe-inspiring still life incorporates captivating compositions that place major emphasis on the elements and principles of design

I relish the entire process of creating a still life painting: conceiving the painting in my head, the search for props, arranging a fascinating setup in natural sunlight or artificial light, snapping hundreds of photos from different viewpoints and changing the placement of objects, the hours I spend reviewing the photos to discover the most compelling composition and design and then watching it develop into existence.

Since becoming a full-time artist, I have studied extensively and taken workshops with nationally known artists such as

Mel Stabin, Christopher Schink, Sue Archer, Chris Krupinski and Judy Morris, among others.

Marsha Chandler, NWS GWS, WSA


Marsha Chandler